Let us introduce you to the children book “Up!”.

It starts right away with a game, situated on the cover, where the child’s favorite eye shaped wheels, go round and round all the time. Drawing book white sheets are expecting the absolute crative expression of the child at the beginning and at the end of the booklet. Right next to them, framing the storyline, are the coloring pages full of our favorite characters, waiting to be reinvented by the little artist.

Inspired by kid’s imaginaton, the plot of the booklet tells stories with morals, suitable for all ages /even for parents/. The bright colors of the ilustrations influence the sences of the child and boost creativity. The characters are desined in basic forms and shapes, that grasp the attention of the little ones and look really funny.

The book is an entirely original product:

written and designed by the author.

The booklet includes two sets

of cards for even more games:

One of them presents the characters in color

and the other – black and white

– invites the child to bring the color.

The cards are given a home, made of paper,

situated on the back cover of the book.

Different geometric figures

and new illustrations

are formed

by folding

the cards.

Price: 19.00

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